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"What does not kill you makes you stronger."
35 years old 
City N/A, State N/A 
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Utolsó bejelentkezés (profilon): 8/22/2021
Utolsó bejelentkezés (világban): 12/20/2018
Regisztráltam: 3/28/2015
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Amiért jöttem: For a New Experience, To Meet People
Családi állapot: N/A
Gyermekek: N/A
Képzettség: N/A
Vallás: N/A
Dohányzok: N/A
Iszok: N/A
Foglalkozás: N/A
Testalkat: N/A
Magasság: N/A
Etnikai hovatartozás: White / Caucasian
Nyelvek: Magyar
_Dzseni_'s Nagyító
Who am I? Tried longer life, I have never experienced what other summer-winter HAVESA was for me, but not killed is still winter, is not merely a Coincidence hurt the other fallen but my life ... I am from Whom you always get the truth bluntly, concise, Even if it hurts. . . I am who Dynamism, brings color to your life and will be hard to forget memories of Orzola me. . . I am, Whom You Can not Be Angry Because one of my smile off your feet take you. . . The're always the one who is listening to you, with Whom you can share everything and who campaign been restless and does not help you and you do not see your smile again. . . I am who deep, pure heart, selflessly, for yourself will love, but he will only tell you When They feel this is indeed the case. . . I am he, you will never really Understand, but why are you going to point who admire and love you infinitely. . . The way I am, Because I know one day harm did not come back from life to live again. . . Of course, all this only for friendship :)

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Nobody!!!!!! If you are stupid, you have to hang ... If I'm, I'm ... If there is a party, I'm an adult ... If I had my heart, that's something else ... If you need to get it ... If I like someone, I'll do anything ... If you are my friend, always count on me ... If you'll call, call back ... If I love you, even though you can not ... If you think you know me, you're wrong ... If you think I'm glad you're wrong ... If you think you over, do not even egoists early ... If you are going to know I'm aware of my mistake ... If you have to choose, do it ... If you want to say, say it ... If fooling me out, you get back ... If you think anger habit, the trouble is I do not know h ... If you think I have time, I have no time even as much ... If you can not joke around with you, Birla ... If you are not going to damage, lift ... If you think I care about the money, good big stupid ..

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